Screening Reports 

Coke Oven Brook Realignment - Environmental Screening
Author: ADI Limited
Date: May 2005
File Size: 48.46MB
Description: Coke Ovens Brook runs through severely contaminated portions of the Coke Ovens site. The brook carries those contaminants to the Tar Ponds. To prevent this, the Tar Ponds Agency is relocating the brook to new, clean channels. This is the report of the environmental screening carred out to determine the effects of the brook relocation project.
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Memorandum of Agreement between Canada and Nova Scotia
Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia
Date: May 2004
File Size: 6.07MB
Description: On 14 May 2004, the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia signed this Memorandum of Agreement committing $400-million to a cost-shared cleanup of the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens.
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Screening Report - Remediation of Urban Properties Sydney, Nova Scotia
Author: Public Works and Government Services Canada for Environment Canada
Date: July 2002
File Size: 782KB
Description: The Muggah Creek environmental site assessment involved the collection of soil and groundwater samples from various locations within the area of Whitney Pier north of the Coke Ovens site. The site assessment report (JDAC Environment Limited 2001a) identified contaminants in soil above Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) guidelines for residential properties. In response to the elevated levels of contaminants, the Joint Action Group for the Environmental Clean-up of the Muggah Creek Watershed (JAG) passed a resolution asking government to take immediate action.
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Environmental Management Plan - Demolition of Above Ground Structures & Removal of Residual Materials - Muggah Creek Remediation Project
Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
Date: November 2001
File Size: 3.59MB
Description: Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, as the Project Management Consultants (PMC) for the Muggah Creek Remediation Project, has prepared this Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Demolition of Above Ground Structures and Removal of Residual Material ? Former Coke Oven Site, Sydney, Nova Scotia (Project), to outline measures to be undertaken for the protection and enhancement of the environment. The EMP is intended to be a dynamic document that will evolve and be updated to meet the changing needs of the Project as it proceeds through each element. The EMP includes environmental protection, air quality monitoring, emergency response and contingency plans.

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Screening Report - Sydney Landfill Leachate Management Project
Author: Environment Canada
Date: August 2001
File Size: 648KB
Description: Environment Canada was responsible for ensuring an environmental assessment of the proposed project was completed in accordance with the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. This screening report is one requirement. The assessment identified potential environmental effects, both positive and adverse, resulting from the project, cumulative effects that could develop in conjunction with other proposed projects, as well as effects arising from accidents and malfunctions. The assessment also identified practical and effective measures to minimize any potential adverse effects.
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Screening Report - Demolition of Above Ground Structures and Removal of Residual Materials Coke Ovens Site
Author: Environment Canada
Date: March 2001
File Size: 3.03MB
Description: The community-based Joint Action Group (JAG), together with the Government of Canada, the Province of Nova Scotia, and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, is committed through a Memorandum of Understanding to finding solutions to the environmental and health risks arising from contamination in the Muggah Creek watershed. One of the proposed projects recommended by JAG and under consideration by government parties is the demolition of above ground structures and removal of residual materials on the Coke Ovens Site. In considering the provision of funds to this project, Environment Canada was responsible under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act for ensuring that this environmental assessment was completed. Environment Canada prepared this screening level report and is responsible for ensuring that identified requirements are implemented.
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Development of Interim Seperation Zones - Former Coke Ovens Site - Final Draft
Author: AGRA Earth & Environmental Limited
Date: September 2000
File Size: 5.95MB
Description: This report presents the results of a study by AGRA Earth & Environmental Limited to develop and define appropriate interim separation zones associated with potential surface clean-up activities at the former Coke Ovens Site. The intended purpose of interim separation zones is to ensure adequate separation between the potential surface clean-up activities and adjacent land uses.
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