Battery Point Barrier 

Battery Point Barrier

Who constructed the barrier wall at the mouth of Sydney Harbour?

The contractor was J & T van Zutphen, Port Hood.

Who designed the barrier wall?

The barrier was designed by CBCL Limited.

Was environmental approval provided before the work proceeded?

Nova Scotia Environment approved the project and provided a permit for work to proceed.

When did the work begin and when was it completed?

Work began in June, 2006 and the majority of the work was completed in August, 2006.

Were there any deficiencies identified?

Deficiencies in the size of the armour stone were identified by the Agency in fall, 2006.

How will the deficiencies be addressed by the contractor?

The contractor will be making the necessary changes before being paid in full. The plan is for J&T Van Zutphen to remedy the deficiency once the barrier becomes accessible (i.e. fence is removed) and prior to the completion of the North Pond Solidification and Stabilization project.


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