Community Liaison Committee 

Community Liaison Committee (CLC)

What is the Community Liaison Committee?

The CLC is a group of volunteers that represent organization in sectors such as business, construction, health, government, labour, education, recreation, environment and religion. The committee meets with STPA once a month for candid discussion about project plans and activities.

What is the Committee responsible for?

The CLC is responsible for relaying the view, concerns, and questions of the organizations they represent and the community to STPA.

What have the CLC done for the community so far?

In the past four years, the CLC has reached several milestones, including:

Represented the citizens of North End Sydney concerning truck traffic in the area

Assisted in the development of a plan for North End Sydney resulting in noise disruption

Urged STPA to develop plan to utilize local talent and resources during the cleanup project

Supported the African Nova Scotian Community in receiving a work set aside for the project

Continually addresses community issues as work moves forward with the cleanup

Along with these accomplishments, the CLC is directing a lot of their focus on future land use planning.


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