Solidification and Stabilization 

For those of you who couldn't make it to the information session held in October, here is an overview of the Solidification and Stabilization (S&S) contract.

Solidification and stabilization will take place in three phases. The first phase is the south pond at Prince Street to Ferry Street Bridge. Second Phase is Ferry Street Bridge to the narrows in the North Pond. The third phase is the narrows to the mouth of Sydney Harbour. Solidification and stabilization involves mixing cement, water and other ingredients into the contaminated material using excavators and other equipment. This process will contain and immobilize the hazardous contaminants in the tar ponds. The material will then be capped and a layer of clean soil will complete the job and allow for future development to take place. The capping of the S&S material is a separate contract. The solidified and stabilized material must meet three criteria while S&S work is taking place. Permeability, leachability and strength are tested to ensure all three have met specific quality assurance requirements.

To view the S&S project sheet, click here.

Also on display at the S&S information session, were posters concerning several aspects of the S&S project. Click the links below to view the posters.

Performance Criteria

Environmental Management Plan

Construction Schedule

Tar Ponds / Coke Ovens Site Photo

S&S Cap Cross Section

Test Methods

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Project Animation

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