Coke Ovens Ground Water Collection and Water Treatment Plant 

For those of you who couldn't make it to the open house held in August here is an overview of the project.

The Coke Ovens ground water collection system and water treatment plant will aid in controlling groundwater flowing through the Coke Ovens site. This part of the cleanup will see contaminated sediments from Coke Oven Brook removed to allow for collection and treatment of contaminated water on the Coke Ovens site.

This contract consists of a series of pipes that will control and collect ground water flowing through the Coke Ovens site. These perforated pipes will be placed underground to allow water to seep into the collection system. As well, contaminated sediment located along the brook will be removed to limit further contamination and to make room for the collection system. Water that is collected will be gravity-fed to a pumping station, which will move the water to an on-site water treatment facility, to be located on the western side of the Coke Ovens site.

The water treatment plant can treat water flows of up to 320 liters per minute. Treated water will be released into a channel containing other stream and surface water. The channel is designed to divert clean water away from contaminated areas. This realigned channel, which exists now, will eventually merge with a new channel to be constructed over the solidified and stabilized tar ponds sediment.

Click here to view Coke Ovens Ground Water Collection and Water Treatment Plant Project sheet.


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