Quality Assurance Test for S&S cells 

Overview of the solidification and stabilization quality assurance testing process. Solidified and stabilized cells are tested for compressive strength, leachability and permeability.
•The SS material is tested at 28 and 56 days for unconfined compressive strength
•Leachate and permeability testing are tested at 28 and 56 days. The actual leachate and permeability testing can take up to two weeks to be completed
•Results are then compiled monthly by the contractor into a Quality Control (QC) report. The QC report is then reviewed by our design engineer AECOM. This review can take up to three weeks.
•Once this review is completed and no issues are found, our Independent Quality Assurance Consultant (Stantec) reviews the report. This review can take up to four weeks. Once the review is completed and no problems are found, the report is determined to be complete and can be released.
•If during either AECOM of the Stantec review, errors and/or discrepancies are found, the contractor has to address the errors and re-submit the report. At this time, the review clock for AECOM and Stantec starts again.


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