Pump-around System (TP6 Part A-STPA2008S-22)  

There are two brooks that flow into the tar ponds. Coke Ovens Brook and Wash Brook. In order to have water-controlled construction areas for solidification and stabilization work, both brooks need to be redirected around the north and south ponds.
The Pump Around System design consists of temporary pumping stations. Each station consists of several pumps that will draw in water from constructed intake structures and move the water, through two large pipelines, to an area of the ponds where no constructions activity is underway.
This process will be completed in three stages. First stage is Prince Street to Ferry Street Bridge. Stage two is Ferry Street Bridge to the narrows in the north pond and the final stage includes the narrow to the mouth of the harbor. Walls made from sheet pilling will be used to block tidal waters from Sydney Harbour from entering the ponds while work is taking place.

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