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Environmental Monitoring Reports - Background Information

The environmental protection measures, developed for the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Remediation Project (the Project), are implemented to protect human health and the environment from potential project related effects. They have also been adopted to prevent potential impacts of the environment on the Project. Mitigation (environmental protection) measures selected for the Project include various physical works, construction practices and the use of specialized equipment. Collectively, these measures prevent unacceptable levels of contaminants into air, water and/or soil. They also serve to prevent damage to completed project elements (e.g. erosion of clean soil). All active mitigation measures being employed by the Project must be monitored to ensure their effectiveness. This task is carried out by environmental monitors employed by on-site contractors, with oversight provided by the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency (the Agency), Project Design Engineer (DE), Nova Scotia Department of the Environment, and Independent Engineer. All related activities are collectively referred to as Construction Monitoring, which is outlined below.

In response to Recommendations made by the Environmental Assessment Review Panel, along with regulatory requirements and best practices, the Project is also subject to extensive environmental monitoring for air quality, surface water quality, ground water quality and marine water quality. Sydney Harbour is also monitored for changes in sediment chemistry, sediment toxicity, crab and bi-valve tissue chemistry and species diversity. Further information on these programs is provided below under the heading: Environmental Effects Monitoring.

For a monthly synopsis of project environmental monitoring and project environmental performance, please see the Monthly Environmental Monitoring Summary Report produced by the Design Engineer under the direction of the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency.

For more details on Construction Monitoring and Environmental Effects Monitoring, please refer to the text below.


Construction activities on all Project elements follow protocols outlined in the Project Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) and the Project Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Contractors are responsible for monitoring their activities to confirm that mitigative measures are effective. To do this, Contractors employ an Environmental Monitor (EM) to ensure that work being carried out on the site is in compliance with the EPP and EMP and that sources of potential environmental impact are identified before they impact the environment.

As required by the Project's EPP, the Agency receives a monthly contractor quality control report from the contractor for each element under construction.
If there is an exceedance during project monitoring or an unplanned event, such as a hazardous material spill occurs on site, the reporting actions as covered by the Agency's Reportable Incidents Communications Protocol is implemented.


The Project's Independent Environmental Consultant (Dillon Consulting) has been retained to undertake environmental monitoring and to collect data during Project remediation activities. This data is used to detect environmental impacts resulting from the Project, as well as to determine long-term trends. For surface water monitoring, data is collected regularly and reports are prepared monthly. Click here for the Monthly Compliance Report. For groundwater quality and quantity information, data is collected and reports are prepared Quarterly Groundwater Report. For activities in the marine environment, data is collected according to a required schedule and an annual report is prepared, Annaul Marine Report. Together with the biodiversity study, Avifauna Monitoring Report, a picture of the surrounding environment and its vibrancy and is emerging.

Note* - Reports contained on this website begin October 2010. For past reports, please visit the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency's public library, open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Some reports contained on this website are extremely large and may take several minutes to download.



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