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Together. Making History.
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      Environmental Protection Plan (EPP)
      Cooling Pond Final Report
      100% Design Report
      Field Demonstration Report
      2006 Cooling Pond Tender Documents
   Coke Oven Brook (CO1)
   Tar Cell Solidification/Stabilization (CO2)
   Cutoff Walls (CO5)
      Vertical Cut-Off Walls Rev. CO5 100% Design Report
   Surface Cap (CO6)
   Collection System (CO7) / Water Treatment Plant (CO8)
   Landfill (CO9)
   Materials Processing Facility (TP2)
   Tar Ponds Solidification/Stabilization, Channel Construction (TP6)
      Pump-around System (TP6 Part A-STPA2008S-22)
      Solidification/Stabilization/Channel (TP6B STPA2008S-23)
      Final Pilot Scale Report
      Quality Assurance Test for S&S cells
      What Is Solidification/Stabilization?
      S/S Fact Sheet -June 2010
   Ferry Street Bridge (TP6C)
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   Tar Ponds Cap (TP7)
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   Local Economic Benefits (LEB)
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      Diversity and Inclusion Vendor Briefing
   Project Environmental Protection Plan (EPP)
   Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
   Future Use
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      Solidification and Stabilization
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      Coke Ovens Ground Water Collection and Water Treatment Plant
      Flow Diversion Open House
      Solidification and Stabilization
      Future Land Use Open House
      Tar Ponds Cap Open House
   Q and A for Odour Concerns Reporting Program
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