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 Couriers and Shipping 

Jalan Crane and Transport Inc
From small to medium sized work loads its the most cost effective way to lift and transport your products whether its local or provincial.
(902) 564-2232
PO Box 61, Sydney

Pole Star Transport Inc.
Trucking Companies Polestar Transport Inc. a division of Armour Transportation Systems. Offering full load, ltl, flat bed, container and courier service. Located at Sydport Ind Park, a modern 17-door freight terminal.
(902) 539-4185 x5
443 Portsway Ave Sydport, Sydney

Star Delivery Service Ltd.
We provide transportation solutions for businesses in Cape Breton. We have courier, freight & warehouse services available. We also supply trucks on a dedicated service basis to customers. We can handle deliveries for all parts of the Maritimes.
(902) 539-8925
87 Marine Drive - Sydport Ind., Sydney


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