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 Materials Processing Facility (TP2) 

The Materials Processing Facility is combined with the contractor's compound and will serve as the central access point to all construction activities at the site. Site control on a remediation project is cornerstone to preventing the spread of contamination into clean areas.

As a result, operations of the materials processing facility includes the ability to control the flow of traffic onto and off the site as well as providing personnel and vehicle decontamination.

The materials processing facility will also manage debris generated from other construction activities.

The material processing facility was constructed by local company, Joneljim Construction. The contact for the operation of the building was awarded to Mikjiki Enterprises Ltd. and Harbour Tech Services Inc joint venture. This contact will last for the duration of the cleanup and includes the decommissioning of the building once work is complete.

It is expected that almost all elements will generate debris (wood timbers, slag, general waste, tires, automobile parts, etc), and construction and demolition debris. Materials received at the facility will either be crushed (concrete or slag) and sent for Solidification and Stabilization treatment, decontaminated and recycled (steel), or decontaminated and sent to an approved landfill for disposal.

The following link is for TP2 Material Processing Facility Construction - 100% Design Report. Please click on the link to download the Design report.

TP2 100% Design Report


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