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 Closed Positions 

The following job postings are now closed.

2008-02 Communications Student

2008-03 Engineering Student

2008-04 Environmental Services Student

2008-05 Contract Manager

STPA2008-06-Environmental Engineer

STPA2008-07-Contract Manager

STPA 2008-08 Environmental Engineer/ Specialist

STPA2008-11 - Contract Administrator

STPA2008-12 Contract Manager


STPA 2009-02 Document Control Administrator

STPA 2009-03 Communications Officer

STPA 2009-04 Administrative Assistant

STPA 2009-05 Environmental Engineer

STPA2009-06 QAQC Summer Student

STPA2009-11 Site Logical Supervisor

Wash Pad Operator (Casual) STPA2009-14

STPA2009-15 Tar Ponds Site Supervisor


STPA 2010-03

Site Logistical Supervisor STPA2011-03


Enviromental Student 2011-04

Engineering Student 2011-05

STPA 2011-12 Communications Officer

STPA2011-15 Junior Quality Technician

STPA2012-04 Tarponds Site Supervisor


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