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Governments to Invest in the Cleanup of the Tar Ponds and Create Jobs

A vital component of the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Cleanup began today with the award of a $52 million contract to solidify and stabilize tar ponds sediment.
The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, Minister of Atlantic Gateway and Member of Parliament for Central Nova, along with Gordie Gosse, MLA, on behalf of the Honourable Bill Estrabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, announced that the contract was awarded to Nordly's Environmental, a Cape Breton company owned by J&T van Zutphen Construction Inc. of Southwest Mabou, and ECC of Marlborough, Massachusetts, US. The work will create about 40 construction jobs over the life of the contract and provide local labourers with the opportunity to learn valuable skills and experiences in remediation.
"This significant investment by the Government of Canada demonstrates the government's commitment to the environment here in Sydney, and at the same time creates jobs and knowledge that can be shared across Canada," said MacKay.
"The skills and experiences these local companies will gain over the next five years will lead to other meaningful opportunities," said Gosse. "The positive economic benefits from this milestone project will extend across Nova Scotia."
All sediments in the tar ponds will be solidified and contaminants, including PCBs, will be stabilized. Solidification and stabilization involves mixing cement into contaminated material and works to protect the environment and our health by immobilizing hazardous contaminants within the treated material. Cement reacts chemically with water in the material being treated; creating changes in its physical and chemical properties and prevents contaminants from escaping into the environment. Solidification and Stabilization using cement is a sustainable engineering solution for brownfield remediation projects in Canada.
The site will then be capped and a layer of clean soil will complete the job and allow for future development to take place.
In January 2007, the government of Canada and province of Nova Scotia committed $400 million to ensure the cleanup is completed by 2014.


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