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Tar Cell Begins

04/03/09 A tar cell located on the Coke Ovens site is now being remediated under the direction of Nova Scotia Lands Inc.NSLI received a green light to proceed with the removal and solidification and stabilization of PAH-impacted soil in the tar cell. A field demonstration was conducted in February that proved to regulators that the project meets all established performance criteria.NSLI is using its contractor, Hazco Environmental Inc., to move 25,000 tonnes of blackened soil to a pug mill located at the northern tip of the former Sysco property. The material is being loaded into covered trucks that will be decontaminated before travelling to the former Sysco property. The material will be solidified and stabilized over a six week period.Relocating the soil to the former Sysco property maximizes the potential for future use of the Coke Ovens site and moves the material further away from residential properties.


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