Air Monitoring Reports 


In Preliminary Reports, the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency (STPA) provides a preliminary view of the results from its Ambient Air Monitoring Program at the time the information is received from the Independent Ambient Air Quality Consultant (IAQC), ALL-TECH Environmental Services Cape Breton Limited (ALL-TECH). These monitoring results have been provided to the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency as soon as the data met the acceptance criteria of ALL-TECH's assurance program.

A number of steps are carried out within the assurance program to produce validated information, which cover laboratory results and data transcription, field instrument calibration checks (related to sample volumes), calculation verification, precision and bias checks, and assessment of analysis of field blanks and duplicate samples. When validated, the monitoring data are published in a Monthly Report, which is also available to the public. The Monthly Report is the authoritative record of the monitoring results from the Ambient Air Monitoring Program. When the Monthly Report is published, these Preliminary Reports of single sampling Events will be taken down from the website. The data from these Preliminary Reports will then be available in validated form in the related Monthly Report from the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency website.

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