Tar Ponds Cap (TP7) 

The Tar Ponds Cap will cover sediments treated by Solidification and Stabilization. The cap will likely be constructed using a combination of geotextiles, clay, and granular fill. Another component of the cap is to relieve pressure caused by groundwater travelling under the solidified and stabilized mass. In order to achieve pressure relief, trenches could be constructed to discharge the groundwater using gravity into the Tar Ponds channel. Waterchemistry would be tested prior to release of the water to ensure that treatment was not required.

In areas of the pond with standing water, even at low tide, alternate methods of material placement might be considered. Upon completion, the surface of the cap will either be raised so that it is above the high tide mark, or it will be left at an elevation wheremuch of it will be flooded at high tide, similar to many salt marshes. The cap surface will be protected from erosion by the cofferdam at Battery Point.

Riprap, or other armouring, will be used as needed to manage erosion from waves, storm surges, or floods. Armoring will be provided along the waterway channels in Muggah Creek as needed to prevent erosion. It is expected that vegetation alone will likely prevent erosion over most of the area of the capped Tar Ponds.

TP7 100% Design


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