Collection System (CO7) / Water Treatment Plant (CO8) 

The Coke Ovens Groundwater Collection System will aid in controlling groundwater flowing over the Coke Ovens site.

Two interceptors pipe lines will be installed; one along the current alignment of Coke Ovens Brook and the second along the
west side of the site (also known as the Domtar interceptor).

These two interceptors lines will flow by gravity to a central pump station that will bring the water to an on-site water treatment plant.

Field tests, including a pump test and groundwater modelling, were conducted to support the project design.

CO7 100% Design

An on-site Water Treatment Plant will operate for approximately 25 years and will treat groundwater coming from the Coke Ovens site.

Groundwater collected by the Coke Ovens interceptor system will be transported to the plant for treatment of organic and inorganic contaminants.

Discharge criteria have been established for the treated water, which will be released into Coke Ovens Brook.

CO8 100% Design

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