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Program Changes due to Winter Work Inactivity

January 10, 2012 --
The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency is reporting that due to construction inactivity during the winter months, its Odour Monitoring Program has been suspended. The program will return when construction work commences in spring 2012.

As well, the Agency's Ambient Air Monitoring Program (AAMP) has been modified due to the construction inactivity. Since December 17, 2011, AAMP samples were being collected on a 12-day National Air Pollution Surveillance (NAPS) schedule, instead of a six-day schedule.

Monitoring air quality is a critical component of the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency`s goal to inform the public of air quality and potential exposure around the Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens sites. At least one week before construction commences in the spring of 2012, the AAMP will return to the six-day NAPS schedule.


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