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South Pond - One Step Closer to Completion

On July 22, the multi-layer protective cap on the south pond is one step closer to completion. The clay portion of the protective cover was completely laid over the east side of the south pond on Friday. Hydro seed and top soil layers are expected to be rolled out toward the end of August, aiming for a completion date of mid-September. This will allow the return of vegetation, and provide Sydney residents with a view of fresh, green grass growing on the south pond.

The clay portion of the cover will not be completed until next construction season because pipes moving brook water through the site will remain in the area until they are no longer required.

Layers of geosynthetic clay, geocomposite drainage, topsoil and hydro-seed are the main components of the protective cover.The cover is designed to direct rain and groundwater into an engineered channel that will also carry brook water to the mouth of Sydney Harbour.


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