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Ambient Air Exceedance Reported

The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency is reporting an air exceedance at its DesBarres Street fixed air monitoring station located in Sydney.
Data collected as part of the Agency's enhanced Ambient Air Monitoring Program confirms that there was an exceedance of Benzo(a)pyrene.The sample showed a value of 1.31 nanograms per cubic metre (ng/m3) over a 24-hour period ending midnight, October 15, 2010. The 24-hour criterion for the project is 1.1 ng/m3.

Benzo(a)pyrene is an odourless, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) typically distributed during the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. It is present in automobile and diesel exhaust, and can be produced by various activities such as backyard fires, coal burning, and cigarette smoke. The exact source of the exceedance is under investigation.

The project's fixed stations measure air quality for a 24-hour period. The sample results are tested and reported to the Agency within about two weeks.

Oct 15, 2010 Additional Sampling


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