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S&S Work Restarts In South Pond

03/23/10 The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency is pleased to announce that the cleanup has kicked into high gear with the restart of solidification and stabilization in the south tar pond.

Contractors began the cement work today (Tuesday, March 23, 2010). The process includes using an excavator to mix cement powder into the contaminated sediment, similar to the way a baker mixes ingredients when making a cake. The contract requires that each completed cell meets established criteria for permeability, leachability, and strength. For more on this contract, please click here.

It's expected that the south pond (from Prince Street to Ferry Street Bridge) will be completely solidified and stabilized by the end of summer, 2010.

Air monitors are operating in real-time at the project fence line, and also operating within the work site as part of the Master Occupational Health and Safety Plan for the project. To receive daily air monitoring reports, please click here.

To view a video clip of work from 2009, please right click here and select save target as. You must download the file in order to view it properly.


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