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Ferry Street Bridge Closure

03/13/09 The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency advises the public that Ferry Street Bridge will close for an extended period of time beginning Monday, March 23.

The closure is needed to allow the remediation of the Tar Ponds to get underway.

The bridge is located in a construction area and will be closed to both pedestrian and road traffic. There will be blockades near both entrances of Ferry Street Bridge. Detour signs will be posted to redirect traffic, and caution lights and barriers will be installed to ensure public safety.

In 2012, a newly designed, two-lane bridge with sidewalks will be built to replace the current structure. The new bridge will also have lighting and railing to match Sydney's downtown nautical theme. The new bridge will reopen when it is no longer needed for construction activities and the public can travel safely across the bridge.

The Agency apologizes for any inconvenience this closure may cause.


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