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Flow Diversion

11/27/08-The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency will soon award a contract to begin building a temporary water diversion system around the north and south tar ponds.
The tender for the job is expected to close mid December, and award to follow shortly after.

Currently, two urban brooks drain directly into the ponds before reaching Sydney harbour. In order to have controlled construction areas for work to begin, these brooks must bypass the ponds entirely and be redirected away from work sites.

The construction areas will be blocked off in three stages. The first stage is from Prince Street to the Ferry Street Bridge; the second stage is from the Ferry Street Bridge to the narrows of the north tar ponds; and the final stage is from the narrows to Battery Point Barrier, located at the mouth of the harbour.

The temporary pumping system will manage incoming water until a channel, which will be constructed within the solidified and stabilized sediment in the tar ponds, is complete. It is anticipated the channel will be ready to permanently direct water coming from the brooks to Sydney Harbour in 2013.


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