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Pre-notification of tender

10/14/08-The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency issued the pre-notification of a multi-million dollar tender to solidify and stabilize the north and south tar ponds.

The pre-notification is to encourage interested parties from North America and Europe to familiarize themselves with requirements of working on the contaminated sites, as well as the agreements and programs that govern the project.

"This gives interested parties ample time to learn as much as possible about the unique approaches implemented by the Agency to drive local economic benefits, support employment equity, and to experience the level of community engagement necessary with a remediation project located at the centre of an urban community," said Roger Larkin, Agency project director.

The cleanup uses proven technology, but has an oversight program unique to general contracting.

It is expected that the Agency will release the tender in November.

To view the news release, return to the home page and click on the News Releases button located on the left side of the page. To view the advertisement, click on the Project tab, put your mouse over tenders and contracts, and click on vendor information, and then click on TP6 Pre-notification.


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