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Preparations Begin for Tar Ponds

The cooling pond project is nearly complete. Once warmer weather arrives, contractors will finish the job by hydroseeding the recently capped area. The newly renovated site can be best seen from Inglis Street. We invite you to come and take a look.

As well, preparations are now underway for the Solidification and Stabilization of the Tar Ponds, one of the largest contracts to be tendered in 2009. Beginning in April 08, you will see work underway in the South pond as we perform field demonstrations on a variety of cement mixtures to be used to treat the tar ponds sediment.
Construction crews are now installing grey felt along a portion of Ferry Street as a traffic safety measure, the same material that was used along Inglis Street during the cooling pond project.
It's expected that the field demonstrations will take about four months to complete.


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